Design, Build and Install New Bulk Bag System for Crushed Weetabix

Client: Weetabix Ltd.

Requirement: Turning a concept idea into an operating system in 8 weeks

Value: £250,000

Programme: 8 weeks

Turning a concept idea into an operating system in 8 weeks

Some projects that we undertake, are helping clients realise new processes as fast as possible. Weetabix Breakfast biscuits have actual Weetabix cereal in them. This project enabled Weetabix to use good product that would normally go to scrap within a new product process.

Our brief was to collect and crush Weetabix that are rejected at the Sig wrapping machines, break them up into fines and put them put them into 1 tonne big bags ready for transportation to another processing site.

The system had to be fully accessible for maintenance and deep cleaning. The process only ran for 3 days a week in the first few months, so clean down was extremely important.

The crushed Weetabix was vacuum conveyed into a separating cyclone, passed through a metal detector before being weighed on individual weigh beams holding big bags. As the first bag became full a divert valve automatically switched to the second bag upon reaching weight.

The system was fully automated using a small Allen Bradley SLC programmable controller.

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