Installation of Containerised 2G 2.5MW Gas Engine

Client: Eon – Mueller Copper Tube

Requirement: New Gas Powered 2.5MW Engine

Value: £1.5million

Programme: 28 Weeks

8 Week Installation of Gas Powered 2.5MW Engine

The on-site build of the foundations for this site took just 8 weeks to complete. The gas engine itself was built and fully tested in Germany prior to shipment to site.

On site works included the installation a new synchronising breaker into the clients existing switch room located in the centre of the production hall. The HV cabling was installed around production schedules using a specially designed crane scaffold. The cable tray and HV cabling were installed into the roof trusses avoiding all other services.

The existing gas supply was connected into, a hot tap was used with no effect on the ongoing operations. The gas still being live whilst this operation took place.

The container weighing circa 50 tonnes was then hydraulically lifted from the transport lorry onto its new foundation.

This installation will save the client approximately £20-25K per week on electricity.

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