User Requirement Specifications (URS) are a way to detail pieces of equipment that a company wishes to purchase. They are generally used to detail specific requirements such as : required capacity, key process information, space limitations, standard of constructions etc.

A project management gated process is used to ensure set systems and procedures are followed so that a project receives management sign off at key stages.

A feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or project. A feasibility study analyses the viability of a project to determine whether the project or venture is likely to succeed.

A risk register is a document that is used as a risk management tool to identify potential setbacks within a project. This process aims to collectively identify, analyze, and solve risks before they become problems.

The full form of P&ID is Process and Instrumentation Diagram. This is an engineering document developed by process engineers that shows the piping and other related items for process flow. A P&ID provides a detailed graphical representation of the actual process system that includes the piping, equipment, valves, instrumentation, and other process components in the system. All components are represented using various P&ID symbols which are globally recognised.

I am an experienced, highly motivated project management professional that is a team player, with a proven track record of achievement in a target and results driven environment. I am a straight-talking focused manager that will seek help and advice as and when required. Equally, I recognize when I get things wrong, so lead by example and admit to my short comings so all can learn, should the need arise.


Managing Director

Working with blue chip clients to deliver complex projects within the manufacturing industry.

Recent projects include:

  • Detail design of dry ingredients new build circa £40m
  • New packing hall installation chicken industry £5m
  • 10.5MW CHP installation £7m
  • 2.5MW containerised CHP system x 2 £3.8m each
  • Double the capacity of a chicken fillet process line with 48 hrs to change over line configuration £1.7m
  • Installation of Ishida chicken dark meat portion lines x 2 with 48 hrs to change over line configuration £3m
  • Site re-configuration feasibility study Chicken industry £200m+
  • Re-configure factory internals to meet Tesco standards, chicken industry £3m
  • Old intake conversion to sterile process area in 12 weeks – chicken industry £1.3m
  • Various plant upgrades in chicken industry £1.6m
  • Cereal process development and implementation of new clean design standards £7m
  • Design and installation of product grinding, blowing and bagging system in 10 weeks £350K
  • Packing hall reconfiguration to remove bottlenecks in cereal industry £1.2m
  • Flaked cereal line process improvements £1.3m
  • Various safety improvements across cereal site £1.6m
  • Design and manage installation of syrup sterilisation process, 6 day change over across 3 lines £1.7m

Running a consultancy business that provides a management resource to industry through full project lifecycles.

System design, manufacture and management of installations to clients bespoke requirements with our trusted delivery partners.

Including but not limited too:-

  • Capex Justifications:
  • Continuous Improvement Projects:
  • Construction Management:
  • Creation of Project delivery systems and procedures:
  • Design Management:
  • Energy saving power systems including full CHP’s
  • Full Project Life-cycle delivery:
  • Implementation of Design Standards:
  • Plant Design & Development:
  • Process design to achieve sterilization against salmonella, campylobacter and other pathogens harmful to consumers:
  • Programme Management:
  • Project Management:
  • Operational Management:
  • Route Cause Analysis:
  • Utility design and installation

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In short, it’s through lack of detailed design and preplanning.  To find out more and download our free booklet on the subject you can read my blog article about this here.